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Google is amazing BUT now there is a lot more it can do, with Surf Speed up your Surfing Troubleshoot anything with Surf forums on every website on Google Access millions of users, able to share in independent and public information Collaborate with others to figure stuff out Pin and order all of your favorite online places in one great space with Surfboards Avoid scammers or bad business with a snapshot of a business in every search Surf if FREE for all users and always will be Surf creates revenue through businesses and NOT by exploiting your data And of course, there's "real" darkmode
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Collaborate with others to figure stuff out
"The best way to reinforce your knowledge about a subject is to share it"
Phil Knight - Founder, Nike
Collate all the things that matter to you in one place
Collate all the things that matter to you in one place
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Surf's vision is to make the internet two-way by connecting everything on the internet with everyone on the internet