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Our Vision:
To enhance the front door to the internet by creating access to a super-highway of information
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Troubleshoot anything with a forum on every website on Google Access millions of users, able to share in independent and public information Pin and order all of your favorite online places in one great space with Surfboards Avoid scammers or bad business with a snapshot of a business in every search Surf creates revenue through businesses and NOT by exploiting your data
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Welcome to the future of internet browsing
Independent from Google but users retain Google’s great search features Surf is opening up the internet for the betterment of everyone
"We always knew that at its core, Google believes that innovation can come from anywhere, that gave us the conviction to push on and make Surf"
West Pitt, co-founder of Surf
Embed your Surf SEA business tools anywhere online
Embed your Surf SEA business tools anywhere online
The best information comes from experiences. Surf is a public forum and platform to make all relevant information about the internet more accurate and transparent. Add Surf to your Chrome browser ...
Google SEO has never been more important for your business
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